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    Green for Single, Red for Relationship, & Yellow for It's Complicated
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  • What is a Social Run?

    The Adam and Eve Half Marathon & 8K is a social run. If you wish, you can advertise your social status with your shirt and/or bib number (green for “single," red for “in a relationship," yellow for “it’s complicated”). If you want to run with your partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, just friend, you can. If you prefer to run alone and NOT advertise your social status, you can. WE AIM TO HAVE FUN and celebrate love in all its permutations.

    There will be fun awards based on these categories. It is not mandatory to be part of a category.... but it sure is FUN!!
  • A Spectacular Course

    The course for the Adam and Eve Half Marathon and 8K is one of the fastest courses in Charlottesville! It starts and finishes at Darden Towe, and showcases some of the most historic and runners friendly neighborhoods in Charlottesville, plus the Rivanna River.

    Thousands of local runners run these roads every day;
    come join them!
  • Awards Divisions

    When you register, you have the option to choose one of the 5 couples or singles categories:
    ADAM AND EVE- couple
    ADAM AND STEVE- couple
    EVA AND EVE- couple
    ADAM- single
    EVE- single
    COMPLICATED- couple or single or in between.
    Awards will be distributed to these categories.
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What are the Categories?


The Adam and Eve categories are a fun way for runners to compete and advertise their social status. There are 3 Couples Categories- Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve and Eva and Eve, 2 Singles Categories- Adam, Eve, and 1 It’s Complicated Category. Awards will be given for each Category- for the Couples Category, the 2 times will be added.


You DO NOT have to be in a category in order to participate or qualify for the top 3 overall and age group awards. The Categories are simply a way to have fun, celebrate love, meet other couples or singles who love running and have something else to talk about after the run!

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May 6, 2017

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